DSC02640.276210058_stdMy father, Salvador, passed away at 53 years old after a long battle with Pancreatic Cancer. He was an amazing man who never wasted a moment of his life. He was extremely loved by his family, friends and community.


Pancreatic cancer has the #1 fatality rate of all cancers and some of the least awareness. There are no early warning signs and it’s almost always diagnosed after it has spread. I am trying to raise awareness about this horrible type of cancer to increase research so that no one has to endure the pain that my father went through.


In memory of him and his battle, please consider a donation to Johns Hopkins for more pancreatic cancer research. My father had surgery and treatment at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, MD. The doctor, nurses, and the rest of the hospital staff there were amazing. They even remained in touch with my father after he switched to local hospitals in the NY/NJ area.


For more information on how to donate, visit:


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